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VelaLabs, your right choice for GMP compliant analytical characterization of biomolecules

Jul 2020 Granted certificates for VelaLabs: GLP, GMP, ISO17020, ISO17025
Jan 2020 New Management Board: Markus Roucka, Albert Lauss, Klaus Hajszan
Jun 2019 Acquisition of the Laboratorium für Betriebshygiene GmbH (“LABH”)
Dec 2017 Revenues reach 4.7 million € (Export quote: 83%)
Dec 2017 In 2017, VelaLabs invested nearly 1,000,000 € to enhance its instrumental park
Feb 2017 Closing of Tentamus incorporation
Dec 2016 Revenues reach 4.0 million € (Export quote: 90%)
Dec 2016 DI (FH) Markus Roucka appointed as COO
Sep 2016 Celebration of 10 years VelaLabs
Jul 2016 AGES inspection and renewal of GMP certificate
May 2016 Acquisition of VelaLabs by Tentamus group
Aug 2015 Successful US FDA audit with focus on clinical development and bioanalytics
Jul 2014 EMA – first biosimilar batch release testing for the European market
Dec 2012 Vela sales reach 3 million € (Export quote: 88%)
May 2012 DI (FH) Klaus Hajszan appointed as Qualified Person
Oct 2011 Celebration: VelaLabs – 5 years on its way
Dec 2010 VelaLabs sales reach 1.9 million € (Export quote: 79%)
Dec 2009 VelaLabs sales reach 1.0 million € (Export quote: 65%)
Dec 2008 VelaLabs sales reach 0.5 million € (Export quote: 55%)
Nov 2007 GMP certificate for VelaLabs by AGES/PharmMed Austria
Apr 2007 Lease contract for analytical laboratories, first customer acquired for analytical service business
Oct 2006 Founding of VelaLabs, appointment of Dr. Markus Fido as Managing Director (CEO)



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