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FDA Registration

September 2018. VelaLabs as a GMP certified laboratory is now listed on the Drug Establishments Current Registration Site of the FDA. Link to FDA ... Continued

CRO for Meso Scale Discovery

September 2018. VelaLabs already had a long-standing collaboration with Meso Scale Discovery (MSD). Now both companies agreed that VelaLabs will support MSD as CRO partner. Link to MSD ... Continued

Biosimilar Fact Sheets

August 2018. VelaLabs expertise covers a variety of biomolecules and is now presenting some basic information for more than 20 blockbuster drugs in form of “fact sheets”. VelaLab ... Continued

FDAS goes online with new website

FDAS – A Tentamus Company, is pleased to announce its new website.   Founded in 2004, FDAS is a leading independent contract laboratory providing QC analysis to the Pharmaceutical, Medica ... Continued

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