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VelaLabs using state of the art HPLC System

VelaLabs Operates State-of-the-art HPLC Systems

January 2021:  VelaLabs state-of-the-art high pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) systems from Agilent and Thermo allow a multitude of different separation techniques. HPLC is an automated high throughput analysis for critical quality attributes of pharmaceuticals. With our optimized analytical HPLC separation techniques such as RPC, IEX, SEC, HILIC, mixed mode, and affinity we offer reproducible detection
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VelaLabs takes holidays off -seasonal greetings!

December 2020: VelaLabs takes holidays off This year was for sure an outstanding year and a challenge for all of us, but we are happy that we could manage the tasks with our outstanding team. Therefore, we give our employees the possibility to spend time with their families during Christmas holidays and will therefore close
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VelaLabs building a clean room for sterility testing for its microbiological analytical departement

VelaLabs in the Cover Story of

October 2020: In spite of lock-downs caused by the coronavirus pandemic the reconstruction of the laboratory space for microbiology and sterility could be executed within the planned timelines. The integration and merger of the former LABH – Labor für Betriebsmittelhygiene GmbH into the VelaLabs GmbH went also very excellent. Moreover, the process is reported in
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GLP Certificate for VelaLabs

July 2020:   VelaLabs again achieved the next major success regarding quality systems for its facility in Vienna. The Austrian  AGES/BASG granted VelaLabs a GLP certificate. With this certificate, as well as further certificates on GMP, ISO17020 and ISO17025, VelaLabs has now a very unique combination of quality systems for our different business units. We can
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Fc Receptor Testing – A VelaLabs “Let’s Talk About” for Download

July 2020: VelaLabs again offers you a free download entitled “Fc Receptor Testing – a Useful Tool for Assessment of Monoclonal Antibodies“. It gives a short overview about types of Fc receptors and  their physiological role as well as strategies for the assessment of antibody-FcR interactions. Further information can be found by following link: Fc
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Provisional GMP Authorization for Sterility and Microbiological Services at VelaLabs

June 2020: With  the beginning of June, VelaLabs achieved a major milestone for implementing sterility and microbiological services at its facility. The Austrian  AGES/BASG authorized VelaLabs for provisionally running these services. Link: GMP Certificate As depicted in the photo, the reconstruction rapidly progressed and major equipment is already on site. Stay tuned for further upcoming
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Markus Roucka as new contact for Tentamus Analytics GmbH

June 2020: Dr. Markus Fido has left Tentamus Analytics GmbH and has found new challenges. With the end of May the former Director of Business Development Pharma, Dr. Markus Fido has left the Tentamus Group. To ensure a smooth takeover of all projects, Dr. Fido’s former colleague MARKUS ROUCKA has taken over Tentamus’ business development
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ELISA vs. Biacore – A VelaLabs “Let’s Talk About” for Download

June 2020: VelaLabs offers you a free download for a method comparison of pros and cons from ELISA versus surface plasmon resonance (SPR) methods with Biacore. ELISA and Biacore assays are based on the same analytical principles and have an orthogonal view on binding interactions. Conversion may only require the transfer of antibodies and buffer conditions
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PD testing of clinical COVID-19 Study at VelaLabs

May 04, 2020: At the beginning of April, the Austrian company APEIRON Biologics AG announced that it has initiated a Phase II clinical trial of APN01 in Austria, Germany and Denmark to treat COVID-19. APN01 is the recombinant form of the human angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (rhACE2), which has the potential to block the infection of
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Progress for Microbiology Lab & Clean Room at VelaLabs

April 2020: In spite of challenges caused by the coronavirus pandemic the reconstruction of the laboratory space for microbiology and sterility progresses is in plan at VelaLabs. As to date, the floor was torn out and ventilation systems were already installed. The next step will be painting the walls, laying out of the floor and
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Mineral oil components in peanuts

Peanuts do not belong botanically to the group of nuts as you might suspect – but they are definitely tasty! And they are also healthy, because they provide magnesium and protein. However, in a recent test, mineral oil components were found in three samples. Specifically, MOSH was detected, which can accumulate in organs, especially in
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New maximum allowable levels for Lead and Cadmium in food

We inform our customers about the upcoming amendments to EU Regulation 1881/2006 amending the maximum levels for Lead and Cadmium in foodstuffs. The Commission has recently published two amendments to Regulation (EC) No 1881/2006, introducing new maximum values for lead and cadmium in food. These Regulations are, respectively: COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) 2021/1317 of 9 August
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STA KALITE Kontrol Lab Turkey

STA KALITE joins the Veltia -Tentamus Family

As a part of its development strategy, VELTIA Labs for Life® Group – member of the Tentamus Group and Redestos – Efthymiadis Agrotechnology Group –  has advanced to further expand its current activity in Turkey, where a sample preparation lab in Antalya region has already been operating for the last two years. More specifically, the
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EPA Revocation of Chlorpyrifos Tolerances

In April 2021 the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the EPA must ban all uses of chlorpyrifos relating to food stuffs, allowing them to retain tolerances for only those uses that could be proven safe for children. In August of 2021 the EPA announced that due to the determination that “the current aggregate
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Health risk from tomato paste

Tomato paste is a main ingredient in Italian dishes such as lasagna and pizza. However, these no longer taste as good if it poses a health risk. Mold toxins and pesticides spoil the food.   Mold toxins: Alternariatoxins detected   Mold toxins, also called mycotoxins, are metabolic products of molds that can be toxic. In
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Selling food supplements – what do you have to pay attention to?

In order for you to safely market your dietary supplements, they must be analytically verified. This is how you ensure that your products are marketable – i.e. free of contaminants and residues, correctly labeled and that they contain the claimed contents of vitamins, for example. The Food Supplements Ordinance regulates the specifications for the labeling
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Expansion of Services – Tentamus Japan Laboratories

Tentamus Japan has been certified for immuno-diagnostic testing laboratory services for human health. The certification allows for samples from patients to be tested for an array of test items related to diagnostic for human health. One of the tests with immediate demand is testing of antibodies IgG IgM to Covid19 virus; essential to the local
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Sunflower oil: popular and contaminated

Sunflower oil is used in almost every kitchen: for cooking, frying and baking, because the vegetable oil has a mild aroma and is so versatile. But 21 different oils were recently tested and showed elevated levels of mineral oil components and PAHs.   Mineral oil components slightly elevated in 20 samples   In a test,
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Use of Antibiotics on Citrus Crops from July 2021

In May 2017 the EPA issued a time-limited emergency exemption to allow the use of streptomycin and oxytetracycline in Florida citrus crops to battle citrus greening. As of 2021 the allowance of use of these antibiotics on citrus has been expanded to include Californian crops as well. This change was spurred by a major reduction
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Tentamus North America adds analysis for Aflatoxins

Tentamus North America continues to grow   Fredericksburg, Virginia – The team at Tentamus North America has been busy adding new testing methods to support your business. To aid companies in the food sector the laboratory has added HPLC analysis methods for Aflatoxins B1, B2, G1 and G2, and ELISA analysis for Aflatoxin M1.   Aflatoxins,
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