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SARS-CoV-2: Update of VelaLabs Response

Dear Customers, As of March 23, 2020, we are pleased to inform you that VelaLabs is still fully committed in supporting you and your valuable projects. The partial curfew in Austria, which was prolonged to April, 13 does currently not affect VelaLabs. To address the highly disruptive COVID-19 pandemic, we developed business continuity plans protecting
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New ‘Biacore T200’ for VelaLabs

March 2020: VelaLabs is enlarging its capabilities for SPR analytics. In the last months, VelaLabs received increasing requests of customers with respect to our SPR portfolio: • Affinity and kinetics • Fc gamma receptors • Immunogenicity In order to address this demand, VelaLabs has now augmented its capacity with an additional qualified Biacore T200 for
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Coronavirus Pandemic – VelaLabs Remains Open

March 16, 2020: Due to the Coronavirus pandemic the Austrian government declared a variety of regulations, which severely impact not only our personal life but also working. However, we are pleased to announce that VelaLabs as all labs within the Tentamus group can remain open in accordance with these regulations at this time point. In
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Coming soon: Microbiology and Sterility Testing

March 2020: In June 2019, VelaLabs, part of the Tentamus Pharma division, acquired the pharmaceutical test laboratory “Laboratorium für Betriebshygiene GmbH” (LABH), based in Vienna, Austria. The goal of the acquisition was to close a gap in the VelaLabs service portfolio – microbiology – and to offer a real one-stop shop to our valued customers.
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VelaLabs Listed in the Laboratory Supplies Directory

March 2020: In order to improve our visibility and to present the analytical portfolio to our existing and new potential customers, VelaLabs is now listed at the Laboratory Supplies Directory of Scitech Europe. The Laboratory Supplies Directory is promoted to over 103,000 individuals working across the global science, research and innovation sectors. Please find the
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Eurofins DiscoverX Grants Bioassay Certification to VelaLabs

February 2020: Vela Labs had successfully demonstrated the capability to expeditiously implement client-sponsored GLP validation programs that use the PathHunter™ platform. Eurofins DiscoverX now announces partnership with VelaLabs through their certified CRO program for PathHunter™ bioassays that will enable Vela Labs to carry out highly reproducible potency lot release assays under GLP/GMP conditions. This CRO
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New Management Board at VelaLabs

January 2020: The Management Board of VelaLabs GmbH reorganized in order to adapt to the current challenges. The Management Board, which represents the operative leadership of the company, was created mid 2019 as new strategic top management of VelaLabs and will now consist of the following people: Markus Roucka has been in the company since
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VelaLabs & Megsan Labs at the CPhI Delhi

Delhi, November 2019, 26-28: VelaLabs will be sharing a booth together with Megsan Labs at the CPhI India. In June 2019, the Tentamus Group has acquired a majority stake of the leading Indian analytical testing services company for pharmaceuticals, Megsan Labs (Hyderabad). Megsan Labs brings complementary, value-added and differentiated analytical, testing and development capabilities for
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VelaLabs at CMC Analytical Comparability in Vienna

October 09 – 10: The Fleming Group is organizing the CMC Analytical Comparability course, which is taking place in Vienna, Austria. Four experienced trainers present their knowledge about comparability testing methods and strategies for biological biosimilars and biobetters. Within a small group, current analytical challenges are discussed. Our Chief Business Development Officer, Markus Roucka is
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VelaLabs at Festival of Biologics in Basel

From October 15 – 17 the Festival of Biologics takes place in Basel, Switzerland. The conference covers most of the important fields of biologics (from clinics to manufacturing) and is one of Europes most important get-togethers. The conference offers also rooms for networking and VelaLabs is looking forward to meet current and potential project partners.
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Tortelloni – Italy vacation at home

A little piece of Italy at home: Fresh tortelloni have also been available on supermarket shelves as a ready-made product since the early 1980s. Just a few minutes in boiling water and the enjoyment is ready. In some regions of Italy, the stuffed dumpling has a long tradition. There, specialists produce the thin and stretchy
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Tentamus Pharma & Med

Tentamus Pharma & Med Webinar Series 2020

In times of COVID-19 we are offering our clients an opportunity to stay connected and informed from the convenience of your labs, homes, or offices. Attend our webinars the weeks of 26th October 2020 until 06th November 2020. Participate in our webinars, where you’ll get access to expert know-how. Our experts are specialists in their
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Adamson increased the Scope of Accreditation

Adamson Analytical Laboratories is always working to find ways to better serve our clients. Therefore, we are proud to announce the successful completion of the A2LA evaluation process and addition to our ISO/IEC 17025:2017 scope of accreditation for personal care products, food, dietary supplements, and raw materials.   Accreditation scope has been increased for:  
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bilacon offers new limit of quantitation for glyphosate in beer

Glyphosate is a crop protection active ingredient for the control of weeds, which is approved in the EU until 2022. According to the World Health Organization’s Cancer Agency, glyphosate is “probably carcinogenic” to humans. However, the BfR assesses glyphosate as non-carcinogenic when used correctly.   Glyphosate in beer   During a review, low levels of
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Apple juice – Germany’s sweetheart

With an annual per capita consumption of 6.8 litres, apple juice is one of the most popular juices in Germany. For the production of 1 litre of apple juice, approx. 1.5 kg of apples are needed. After pressing, the juice is naturally cloudy, i.e. with fruit flesh. By centrifuging and filtering the juice, it finally
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Wildfires and Smoke Taint Impact on Grapes and Wine

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, wildfires have also been a catastrophic force in Northern and Southern California burning almost 4 million acres to date. Wildfires are adverse ecological disturbances, with the global geographic distribution being heavily dependent upon three major factors- frequency of ignitions, availability of vegetative resources, as well as
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bilacon tech center zoonosis

bilacon launches new technical center to support zoonosis monitoring

In the past, public food recalls have been increasingly frequent due to the qualitative detection of Listeria monocytogenes. Regulation (EC) No 2073/2005 sets out the microbiological criteria for foodstuffs. For L. monocytogenes a distinction is made between two cases: 100 CFU/g are not exceeded until the end of the expiration date No L. monocytogenes are
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rice-analysis-berlin-laboratory copy

Rice: Staple food may not always be safe

Rice is a staple food in many regions of the world and it is available in many different varieties. Whether whole grain, round grain or long grain rice, all varieties have one thing in common: the way they are grown. Rice is mainly grown in fields that are completely under water. As a result, the
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New capacity increase to conduct stability studies at Labofine

Critical for Quality, Therapeutic Activity and Safety   Labofine – a Tentamus company has announced today that it has added state-of-the-art, fully mapped walk-in stability chambers in its new Montreal area location, situated at 5600 Trans-Canada Hwy, Quebec, Canada. “This is welcome news for our local and international clients”, said Dr. M. Mancini, Labofine’s Director
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Flour – A staple food in the test

Flour has been one of the most important staple foods since the Stone Age. At that time it was mainly used to make a bread-like flat cake, today flour is mainly used to bake bread and cakes, for making pasta or Christmas cookies. Flour is the main ingredient of many food products. Wheat, spelt or
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