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Management Board

Markus Fido, Ph.D.

Member of Management Board, Chief Executive Officer

Markus is a member of the Management Board and besides serving as a Chief Executive Officer, he has also taken responsibilities as Head of Regulatory Affairs and of Project Management. Moreover, he takes care of business development items and client relations topics.

He was previously Head Quality Control at Igeneon/Aphton Biopharma where he was responsible pre-clinical and clinical projects such as stability studies, specifications, method validation, and product release. Before that, he was Group Leader of Immunology and Product Development at Biomin GmbH, Head Biochemical Control at Baxter AG and Head Quality Operations at Octapharma GmbH. He has more than 20 years of experience in pharmaceutical industry, with focus in vaccines, recombinant proteins and immune therapeutics. He has profound expertise in regulatory aspects such as third party audits, inspections and GMP guidelines. He has a management consulting education and additionally owns a doctorate in chemistry/biochemistry from the Technical University of Graz, Austria.

Albert Lauss

Member of the Management Board, Chief Operating Officer

Albert started his career at Velalabs as Head of Laboratory and after a short period got already promoted to be a member of the Management Board with specific responsibilities as Chief Operating Officer.

Prior to that, he worked for Shire (formerly Baxter / Immuno) in different roles as Head of Engineering Validation, Manager Microbiological Quality Control and Laboratory Head Cell Culture with increasing responsibilities. Considerable responsibilities for employees was also a part of these positions. Furthermore, he got profound experience in cell culture methodologies with emphasis on quality control aspects, as well as microbiological quality control testing including bioassays, cell cultures, and virus tests. His GMP experience is completed by responsibilities for validations in different areas, e.g. engineering, clean rooms, computerized systems, sterilization, and transportation. Moreover, he has expertise in GMP relevant topics such as third party audits, regulatory inspections, and planning of laboratories. 

Markus Roucka DI (FH)

Member of the Management Board, CBDO

Markus is a member of the Management Board and also responsible for Business Development and Marketing (CBDO).

He started his career at Biomin GmbH in R&D (fermentation optimization and QC in microbiology). During his studies at the University of Applied Sciences for medical and pharmaceutical biotechnology (IMC Krems) he searched at the UMCG Groningen. At VelaLabs he started as Senior Technician and further as Head of Laboratory for many years. He has more than 10 years of work experience in biotechnology industry including protein characterization under GMP regulations (biosimilars, biopharmaceuticals, biologics) with a focus on assay development and optimization. His main experience is within cell culture, flow cytometry and SPR (Biacore) methods.

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