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VelaLabs supports biosimilar development with proliferation assay

Bevacizumab patent protection expires soon


Over 100 types of cancer – a group of diseases involving abnormal cell growth with potential of invading and spreading into other parts of the body – affect about 100 million people worldwide, with over 8 million deaths anually. The risk of cancer increases with age and is more likely in developed countries, though with change of livestyle in developing countries, rates in these countries are also increasing.

While some environmental factors can be avoided to reduce the risk of cancer and there are some effective medications for high risk persons as well as vaccinations for some types of cancer, research concentrates on treatment therapies.

A variety of therapies are using immunotherapy to help the body fighting cancer. Approaches using antibodies came into use since 1997.


Bevacizumab (Avastin®)

The neutralizing antibody bevacizumab is one of the blockbusters in the treatment of cancer.

It inhibits tumor growth – one of the hallmarks of cancer – by binding to a growth factor called Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF).

The patent protection of bevacizumab has expired in the US in 2019 and will expire in the EU in 2022. There are already some biosimilars on the market or approved. More biosimilars are in development. Examples for marketed biosimilars are Mvasi®, launched in 2019, and Zirabev®, launched in 2020.


VelaLabs provides different assays for binding analysis

For analysing the binding to different isoforms of VEGF we provide SPR technology, ELISA and also an anti-proliferation bioassay with HUVEC cells but also reporter gene assays are used.


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