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VelaLabs became member of BIOTECH Austria industry association

VelaLabs now member of the new industry association BIOTECH AUSTRIA

May 2021: Biotech Austria – the first specific branch association

At the 10th of December Biotech Austria was founded as the first association for the biotechnology industry in Austria. The association was founded on an initiative by board members of APEIRON Biologics AG, Haplogen Bioscience GmbH, Hookipa Pharma GmbH and Lexogen GmbH.

Targets of Biotech Austria

The aim of BIOTECH AUSTRIA is the establishment of an independent, self-contained interest group for Austrian biotechnology, the promotion of an innovative and financially strong branch of industry within the Austrian economy and the representation of Austrian biotechnology at home and abroad.


VelaLabs contributes as a member of Biotech Austria

The biotechnology sector in Austria covers about 150 companies with approximately 2000 employees and is one of the key drivers in healthcare. VelaLabs as a GMP certified contract laboratory supports developments of the biotech industry and therefore wants to play a vital part in the association, exchanging and expanding knowledge and experience. Markus Roucka, Managing Director of VelaLabs, about the potential of the newly formed industry association: „we want to support BIOTECH AUSTRIA and clients not only with our state-of-the-art equipment and technical portfolio, but also with our extensive experience in product development, analytical support and GCLP & GMP expertise right from the scratch which is, in our opinion, one of the key elements contributing to a successful quality strategy and GMP know-how.”

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