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VelaLabs now offers Endotoxin testing by using recombinant factor c

Endotoxin testing by using recombinant Factor C (rFC)

March 2021: As an alternative method for the Limulus Amebocyte Lysate (LAL) VelaLabs now offers endotoxin tests with recombinant Factor C-Test (rFC) – a fluorescence-based assay in a 96 well plate format.

Pharmaceutical products and sales are growing and the demand of endotoxin testing increased. In the context of saving the horseshoe crap population VelaLabs has invested in this new sustainable technology. A positive effect is a very low batch to batch variation of testing and reduction of reporting false positive results.

So using alternative endotoxin test methods is sustainable and because of its wide availability ensuring continued safety of pharmaceutical development.

 Key Facts:

  • Determination according to Ph. Eur. (European Pharmacopoeia) 6.2.32
  • no false-positive results due to beta glucans (endotoxin-specific)
  • more robust against disruptive factors
  • timely results
  • precise, quantitative analysis results instead of within limit values
  • Device Endotoxin: Synergy HTX mulitmode reader
  • sustainably free of animal products (rFC synthetic, based on the sequence of factor C produced)

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