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GMP storage at VelaLabs

GMP Storage at VelaLabs with 24/7 Call on Duty

January 2021: VelaLabs offers safe and convenient long-term storage of any type of your samples under GMP conditions including also MCBs/ WCBs.

The storage of any type of samples such as master cell banks (MCB), working cell banks (WCB), antibodies or small molecules is kept at the highest GMP standard.

Furthermore, our on-site storage facility enables us to carry out subsequent analyses on stored samples on moment’s notice allowing us to offer you complete solutions, ideal also for long-term stability studies.

Key Features:

  • Qualified equipment
  • Temperature monitoring and 24 hours/ 7 days call on duty team
  • Walk in or box freezers at temperatures ranging from +4 to -80°C
  • Storage in liquid nitrogen in total gas phase
  • Shipment of samples by fast and reliable courier services
  • Access to sample storage data at any time


Contact us – we are looking forward to supporting your projects  I   +43 189 059 7911

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