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HPLC System

VelaLabs Operates State-of-the-art HPLC Systems

January 2021:  VelaLabs state-of-the-art high pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) systems from Agilent and Thermo allow a multitude of different separation techniques.

HPLC is an automated high throughput analysis for critical quality attributes of pharmaceuticals. With our optimized analytical HPLC separation techniques such as RPC, IEX, SEC, HILIC, mixed mode, and affinity we offer reproducible detection for quantitative methods such as stability studies, impurity screening or reaction monitoring (including ELSD detector).

VelaLabs thus can analyze a broad range of analytes from antibody complexes to small molecules as well as most excipients. Sufficient instrument capacity and qualified personnel to deliver a tailor-made solution is available even on a short notice timeframe.

Moreover, VelaLabs also offers qualification and validation of methods on GMP level (EMA & FDA).

If you have any questions or requests for analytical testing, please contact us via our general email or give us a phone call at +43 189 059 7911.

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