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New ‘Biacore T200’ for VelaLabs

March 2020: VelaLabs is enlarging its capabilities for SPR analytics.
In the last months, VelaLabs received increasing requests of customers with respect to our SPR portfolio:

• Affinity and kinetics
• Fc gamma receptors
• Immunogenicity

In order to address this demand, VelaLabs has now augmented its capacity with an additional qualified Biacore T200 for GxP purposes. Biacore T200 is a system for high-quality characterization of molecular interactions. It is one single platform for analysis of molecular interactions in terms of kinetics, affinity, specificity, comparability, concentration, immunogenicity, and thermodynamics.

Biacore T200 offers real-time kinetics and affinity analysis in multiple formats. The analyses can be carried out using a multicycle (many samples against one ligand or when different ligands are immobilized), or single cycle setup (fast runs without regeneration).

Reliable ligand-binding assays can characterize comparability, even for the most complex biologics.

Screening for anti-drug-antibodies during preclinical and clinical development is another application VelaLabs can provide.

The precision and automation of the system generates highly reproducible data. The Biacore T200 platform is fully qualified and includes validated software to ensure regulatory compliance.

Due to our extensive experience with the Biacore platform we are a reliable and competent partner for your analytical needs. If you have any questions, please contact us via our general email

or give us a phone call at +43 189 059 7911

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