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Closing of the Tentamus acquisition

In February 2017, acquisition of VelaLabs by the Tentamus group was finally closed.

February 2017 was the official closing date of the acquisition of VelaLabs by the Tentamus group.
Last year in May, it was announced that VelaLabs is joining the Tentamus Group, founded in 2011 with the aim to become a leading service provider for high quality analytics in different business areas. Tentamus has worldwide subsidiaries offering analytical services in the field of food and feed industry, nutraceuticals, cosmetics and life sciences, pharma and biotechnology industry.
VelaLabs as a world-wide acting, GMP-certified and GCLP-compliant contract laboratory that offers in-depth analytical characterization services for proteins including biopharmaceuticals, biosimilars, biologics, and peptides ideally completes the portfolio of the Tentamus group in this particular business area.

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