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VelaLabs – Meaningful Analytics

Our Lab Services as a contract laboratory cover analytical services for Biologics (ATMPs, Biopharmaceuticals, Originator products, Biosimilar Candidates, Biosimilars, Blood and blood components, Vaccines), Chemicals and Excipients from early stages of product development (non-clinical, clinical) until market release testing for Pharma and Biotech companies as well as storage facilities enabling long term stability studies.

Also all types of microbiological analysis can can be conducted.

We are GMP & GLP-certified and G(C)LP-compliant.

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Memberships and Cooperation

VelaLabs collaborates with the St. Anna Children’s Hospital, which provides comprehensive care for the children and young people entrusted to them: The concept of the hospital integrates the treatment of patients according to the latest state of medical knowledge, care as support for self-care in close cooperation with caregivers and the psychosocial care of the patients and their families.

VelaLabs is member of Life Science Austria Vienna Region (LISA VR), which provides support and advice to start-ups and high-technology companies.

Vela is partner of the network and cluster of Human Technology Styria.

Biomedica is a leading distributor of medical devices, in-vitro diagnostics and products for Life Sciences. VelaLabs and Biomedica collaborate regarding the implementation, use, marketing and testing services of the GlycoTechnica LecChip technology.

Evercyte offers immortalized cells that retain their primary-like human cell characteristics. VelaLabs and Evercyte have a cooperation for the usage of immortalized cell lines for biosimilar characterization.

Long-term partners of VelaLabs are the Department of Clinical Pharmacology and the Coordination Center for Clinical Studies (KKS) both from the Medical University of Vienna.

BLS – Analytik GmbH & co. KG is a Tentamus laboratory, focusing on the physical, physical-chemical and chemical testing and analysis of pharmaceuticals, food, feed and cosmetic products. BLS is a fully GMP, FDA, and ISO 17025 inspected and approved laboratory.

BAV Institute is an accredited contract laboratory offering hygiene and quality control services in the fields of food, cosmetics, and pharma. In addition to microbial testing, the company specializes in on-site consulting and training.

Protagen Protein Services (PPS) is a leading CRO in protein analytics and its application to GMP-compliant characterization of protein therapeutics. PPS supports multiple biosimilar developers in achieving and demonstrating biosimilarity. Many years of experience of PPS in business and a comprehensive spectrum of validated analytical methods ensure highest quality for customers in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and life science industry.

BIOTECH AUSTRIA is the specific representation of the Austrian biotechnology industry. The goals are the targeted bundling of the interests of the industry in order to act with a powerful voice towards politics and society, the improvement of the framework conditions and the realization of synergy effects.


VelaLabs’s customers include some of the biggest names in Pharma and Biotech.

Our focused, customer – orientated approach, a highly motivated team and a broad expertise in analytical development and quality control led to trusting relationships meeting the requirements of our customers for more than 10 years.



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Adalimumab – blockbuster & never ending story

Resolved patent disputes With Abbvie and Alvotech having solved their patent disputes, market entry for new biosimilars for adalimumab applicable for various indications might speed up. The patent protection of the originator product  Humira ® has expired in the EU in 2017, though due to complex patent claim development and market launch of non-component material
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VelaLabs announces GLP extension

VelaLabs has successfully been granted the extension of its GLP certification.   Klaus Hajszan, Head of Quality and Test Site Manager, about this important step: “We have been GLP certified in 2020 for the first time and since then have continuously improved and strengthened our testing processes to ensure safety and quality”. The team responsible
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How to set up assays for HER2 expressing cancer cells

HER2/neu binding antibody trastuzumab One of the major & established therapies targeting breast cancer is the HER2/neu binding antibody trastuzumab. It has improved the five-year disease free survival of stage 1–3 HER2-positive breast cancers to about 87%. The patent protection of the originator product  Herceptin ® has expired in the EU in 2014 and the
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Turbidity and Colour measurment

Beyond visual inspection – new Turbidity and Colorimetry devices at VelaLabs

As a well known & trusted lab analysis partner for drug development to Pharma and Biotech companies VelaLabs continuously invests in state-of-the-art technology. A new turbidimeter TL 2360 and a new colorimeter Lico 690 have been installed. According to pharmacopoeia Monographs Ph. Eur. Chapter 2.2.1 and USP <855 measurements of clarity and degree of opalescence
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From management buyout to international player

As an analytical partner for biotech and pharma companies, VelaLabs delivers expertise and laboratory analysis services throughout the whole drug development process.   Development VelaLabs  was founded as “Vela pharmazeutische Entwicklung und Laboranalytik GmbH” as a management buy out end of 2006 and took over analytic and infrastructure of the former Novartis spin off Ingeneon.
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VelaLabs im Biotechnologie Jahrbuch N34

Spreading out wings – VelaLabs in Biotechnologie Jahrbuch N34

VelaLabs is one of 151 Biotechnology companies in Austria offering analytical laboratory services from medication development to market release. The company figures reflect the positive trend of the industry in terms of revenue, number of projects and employee growth. Already serving customers from all over the world we also want to set a strong focus
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